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Completed Plant Care Requests - Sorted By Username

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We've been busy creating monthly plant care reminders for our members. Here's a list of the completed plant care, they are FREE to use by any member of The Mulch! Just make sure the plant care is for the right climate zone (find your zone here).

Scroll down this article to see the list of FREE Plant Care Reminders.

Step By Step instructions on using our Plant Care Reminders here.

The basic idea is very simple (you must be a member and be logged in first):

1. Find the PLANT you want the instructions for.
2. View the  available CARE INSTRUCTIONS by clicking on the button like this view .
3. Decide which instructions best fit your gardening habits.
4. Click the "Use" button use to have the instructions sent directly to your "MY Profile" page.
5. Review your "My Plant Care" to see what you should be doing that month in YOUR garden for YOUR plants.

Need Help - email me at and I'll gladly help you!

Scroll down through the list of Plant Care Reminders we've created for our members and CLICK ON THE LINK to learn more and get the reminders sent to you!

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