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TOPIC: Curling leaves on my orange tree

Curling leaves on my orange tree #2188

  • Roz
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We bought a new house in La Mesa and this summer the new orange tree that was planted earlier in the year looked great. Now after 6 months although there is new growth on the tree and a couple naval oranges, the leaves have a white line on both top and bottom and they are curling and turning beige in spots..Any suggest :huh: ions that are chemical free?
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Re:Curling leaves on my orange tree #2189

  • Mitch
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Hi Roz,

Do the leaves look like this photo? If so I think you have the citrus leaf miner. I got the same thing - I've talked with a number of people and they say it's hard to get rid of without using a systemic pesticide, because the "Miners" are in the middle of the leaf and aren't really affected by sprays that on the outside of the leaf.

Here's the University of California official page www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/r107303211.html and here's one from Florida www.themulch.com/articles/gardening-link...of-florida-extension

I really try to do everything as pesticide free as possible, but I ended up using a systemic product from ortho that I bought at Walter Andersen Nursery and it really worked. The older trees didn't seem to be hit as hard with the bug, but the young plants with lots of new growth really got hit hard with the bug (that's why I ended up using the ortho).

I hope this helps!
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Re:Curling leaves on my orange tree #2191

  • walter
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I think Mitch means "BAYER" and not Ortho ---anyway the material in it is imidlacropid, which is used on all sorts of food crops including Citrus. You don't spray it you soak it into the soil. It lasts a long time. If you care not to use this chemical you can try using one of the horticultural OIL sprays, but you will need to spray often for best results, still may not stop them all.
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