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Bromeliads - Southern California

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Ken Andersen

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Region: Southwest
Sub Region: Southern California - Coastal, Inland
State: California
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Favorite Bromeliads

Guzmania lindenii
You won't find a Guzmania with more beautiful foliage. A magnificent specimen.
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Tillandsia butzii
Cute and very unusual look!
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Tillandsia duratii
One of the most captivating tropical fragrances you will ever find.
Additional Details

Vriesea fenestralis
Great foliage coloration, a gem!
Additional Details

Vriesea hieroglyphica
One of the most magnificent foliage plants you will see when grown to specimen size.
Additional Details

Vriesea imperialis Vriesea imperialis
The name says it all. A great landscape feature, just be prepared to replace it after it blooms!
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