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Personalized Plant Care
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Two Great Unique Features

Create a list of plants you grow and get regional plant care sent to your for your plants for FREE!

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Make A List of Your Plants

We automatically connect your plants to monthly plant care, photos, regional information!

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Get Regional Plant Care Sent To You!

Create a list of plants in your garden and Get plant care reminders sent to you each month!

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Let Gardening Experts Tell You What To Do In Your Garden Each Month!

Osteospermum_frontpageNew For Coastal Southern California!

Simply choose the plants you're growing and click "USE". Then we'll send you expert recommendations specifically for YOUR Garden!

Follow this link for an example of the Plant Care Reminders for Mitch's southern California Garden. (once you're on the page click the "+" to expand each task).

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We've also added almost 50 articles in our Plant Care Guides section.

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  • Monthly plant care reminders sent directly to your Profile page, learn how here.
  • See all plant care providers Monthly Plant Care Reminders here.
  • See all available Plant Care Reminders at the Plant Care Hub here.
  • Create your own plant lists and connect to other gardeners by the plants you're interested in, learn how. 
  • Search our plant database for photos and great information click here.

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