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Knock Out Rose
Rosa hybrid 'Knock Out'

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Shrub. Bushy growth, light fragrance.

  • Scientific Name: Rosa hybrid 'Knock Out'
  • Principle Common Name: Knock Out Rose
  • Common Name(s):
  • Synonym:
  • Description: Shrub. Bushy growth, light fragrance.
  • General Comments:
  • Origin:
  • Nativity:
  • Height Range: 4 - 3 FT
  • Spread Range: 0 - 2 FT
  • Flower Showy: Y
  • Warning:
  • Sunset Zones:
  • USDA Zones:
  • Leaf Color: Dark Green
  • Leaf Texture:
  • Form:
  • Flower Color: Red Blend
  • Flower Time:
  • Months:
  • Ease of Growing:
  • Light Preferences: Sun (minimum 8 hours direct sun)
  • Soil Preferences:
  • Watering Preferences:
  • Outstanding Features: Color : Flower : Foliage

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