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experttipssmallGardening experts give their favorite plant picks from all over the world.

Ryan Schmitt - Western Mountains & Plains

Written by The Mulch

Region: Western Mountains & Plainsspinachryan-205x300
Sub-Region: Colorado
State: Colorado
Staff Horticulturist - Botanical Interest Seeds
Ryan's Articles on the Mulch:

Phil Bergman - Southwest

Written by The Mulch

User Rating: / 3
Region: SouthwestPhil_owner_2
Sub-Region: Southern California
State: California
Business: Owner - Jungle Music Nursery
Phil's Articles on the Mulch:

Will the Real Iceplant Please Stand Up?

Written by Meredith French

User Rating: / 6
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Just like the generic term "daisy", all ice plants are not alike. Numerous species of ice plant are found in at least nine different genera. These low-growing succulent perennials and a few annuals were once all lumped under the genus Mesembryanthemum.

Today this genus only contains annuals that have naturalized along the California coast. Other genera that contain "ice plant" that you may recognize are: Aptenia; Carpobrotus; Cephalophyllum; Delosperma; Drosanthemum; Lampranthhus; Malephora; Dorotheanthus. All grow best in well drained soil and are not traffic tolerant. Some are quite invasive.

Patio Trees Worth A Second Look for southern California

Written by Meredith French

User Rating: / 5

In our neighborhoods of smaller homes and backyard patios, trees often seem out of the question. But many species that do well here really are of smaller stature and can add a wonderful focal point on a patio as well as providing shade and shelter for wildlife. See the examples below.

Frank and Vicky Giannangelo - Southwest

Written by The Mulch

User Rating: / 1
vickyfrank175Region: Southwest
Sub-Region: Deserts
State: New Mexico
Business: Owners - Giannangelo Farms Southwest
Profile on the Mulch:
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