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Gardening Websites
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Gardening Websites

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About Flowers Home

All about flowers in one place, wallpapers, pictures, origami, planting guides.


Basic Bonsai Tree Care

Coming from the words “Bons” which means tray and “sai”, which means growing, Bonsai is literally the practice of tray growing or tray planting. Our goal is to provide the basic fundamental knowledge, of how to care for, and grow bonsai trees of all spe ...

Cactus Info

Do you have succulents or cacti? If you do, or plan to have a beautiful specimen, this is place for you. Here you can find usefull atricles about species, care, propagation, growing conditions etc. Enjoy your online gardening time, good luck finding all t ...


Captain Hydroponics

A fun and informative hydroponic blog allowing urban dwellers to grow plants like a country farmer. I show how to build systems or what are the best parts that have worked for me.


Captain Hydroponics

A fun and informative hydroponic blog allowing urban dwellers to grow plants like a country farmer. I show how to build your own systems.


DIY Organic Garden

515 Jackson ST., Louisiana, MO, USA, 63353

DIY Organic Garden A web site dedicated to you the Organic Gardener with vegetable descriptions, when to plant, how to plant, what to plant. What make a garden Organic. How to improve soil health. What is Brix gardening? Tips on displaying at Farmers Markets, a Farmers ...

DIY Organic Gardening

Louisiana, MO, USA, 63353

Website devoted to sharing Organic Gardening tips and tricks. Other gardeners share their point of view from all over the world. If it has to do with Organic Gardening we they to cover it. WE have: video pages, garden planing pages Farmers Markets, ...

Free Gardening Plants

All about gardening and especially propagating, by a passionate gardener.

P.O. Box 661647, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90066

The ultimate resource for Garden Nerds. Are you obsessed with organic gardening, have a thirst for knowledge and a healthy sense of humor? Whether you're a novice or a garden nerd veteran, there's a place for you here. We offer organic garden design, cla ...

Gardening Picture Gallery

ME12 2HR

Stunning digital images of gardening plants and all things gardening

Google Gardening Directory

List of links as submitted on a gardening directory on Google.


Hiemstra Gardens

160 Route 100, Russell, Ontario, Canada, K4R 1E5

Garden Stories, tips and tidbits from a Canadian gardener.


Hydroponics Dictionary

Youâ??ve just come across the best resource for general hydroponics information on the web! Here at hydroponics dictionary we are constantly updating our site with new articles, hydroponics calculators for calculations, information on hydroponic topics.


I Love Plants

If you love plants and gardening, was created especially for you. It provides quick and simple access to thousands of garden related websites for FREE.


Garden Directory and information on the web.


Joy Us

133 East De La Guerra #243, Santa Barbara, California, United States of America, 93101

Joy Us We're a company based in the garden-lush seaside city of Santa Barbara, California which believes that Mother Nature is a beauty queen--and so are you! Founded in 2010 by Nell Foster, a professional gardener and lover of beauty and style, she realized tha ...

Lehigh Lawn and Landscaping

141 Daley Road, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA, 12603

We offer specialized plantings,residential landscaping ,mulch beds, irrigation systems, walls, walkways, and patio installations.

Mike's Backyard Garden

Gardening website with cultural and propagating information for Lilies and Daylilies, also many photographic galleries of cultivars.


My garden - Thijs

Descriptions and photographs of the garden in different seasons. Information about houseplants (euphorbia), garden plants and animals (especially insects) in the garden.


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