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Tom Piergrossi's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Shrubs for Southern California.

Tom Piergrossi

Copper-leaf Acalypha - Acalypha wilkesiana marginata
Colorful foliage, signature Sin Jen plant.
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Powder Puff Tree - Calliandra surinemensis
Blooms 365, hummingbirds, great structure (could be a tree as well).
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Worleys Butter Cream - Cassia bicapsularis 'Buttercreme'
Fall blooming, drought tolerant, easy, fast, lace well.
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Cleyera - Cleyera japonica
New bronze growth, fragrant small flowers in the summer, an elegant plant.
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Lingaro - Elaeagnus philippinensis
Edible, delicious, great structure.
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Gardenia - Gardenia thunbergii
Easy to grow 10' white trunk, fragrant white flowers.
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