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Jason Kubrock's Top Plant Recommendation: Best Clumping Bamboo for Screening for Southern California. 

Jason Kubrock

Seabreeze Bamboo - Bambusa malingensis
Best for coastal conditions as it will tolerate some salty sea breeze.
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Oldham Bamboo - Bambusa oldhamii
Grows tall and straight to about 45', which can be useful for screening large structures.
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Bambusa oldhamii

Bambusa oldhamii

Textile Bamboo - Bambusa textilis
A good screening bamboo for most residential landscapes.
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Bambusa textilis

 Bambusa textilis

Blue Bamboo -  hookerianum
This bamboo has very attractive powdery blue culms. It grows around 18', which make it useful for creating a smaller screen.
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Himalayacalamus hookerianum

Mayan Silver Bamboo - Otatea glauca
This bamboo grows more upright than other Otateas.
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